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Episode 89: The Rules and Qualifications for a Self-Directed IRAs with Jason DeBono

July 24, 2020

On this episode of the Leafy Show, Host Jennifer Gligoric discusses Self-Directed IRAs with Jason DeBono, Vice President of NuView Trust. Jason graduated from the University of Central Florida and has since acquired 20-years of experience in the self-directed IRA industry. He has served as both Director of Business Development and Director of Operations for NuView Trust Company – a self-directed custodian with over $1.4 billion of assets under custody. Jason tells us about how we can use Self-Directed IRAs, to invest in real estate, loans (including business lending), and private equity investing (in syndications and private companies). Jason tells us that the limitations for lending money with your Self-Directed IRA is that you can’t do business with yourself, spouse, and parents and that you have to stick to market rates when lending. Jason also covers how to invest in multifamily real estate via syndication. Jason compares syndication investing to investing in a mutual fund; wherein you leverage the knowledge of an experienced investor. In closing, Jason talks about his services as Co-founder and Chairman of Chair the Love, a 501(c)(3)organization that provides wheelchairs and other mobility-related services to those in need.


To find out more about Jason DeBono and NuView Trust, visit: www.nuviewtrust.com

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